Been raised in wealth and socializing among the affluence, she believed the normal rules for life did not apply for her. Her artwork mostly was sexually provocative, and to a larger extent promoted lesbianism. She personally had several questionable affairs with prominent women such as Suzy Solidor. She was considered a symbol of women's liberation and empowerment. The reason for the choice of color used by Lempicka is to give an overall impression about the painting and how they fit the subject. The color used is natural, clear, stimulating and sympathetic to look at. They were also harmonious as she was quoted severally saying her artwork was easily recognizable among several canvases because they were clear, clean, simple, elegance and finished.

The tone of Girls picture is light, depicting hope and courage. This was because Lempicka was a shrewd and determined woman herself. Girls been done in 1930, indicated that women were breaking barriers that were placed upon them. The future for women was bright. The composition entails how the elements of the artwork are arranged and how they relate with other parts in the paint. The format used in Girls is a portrait, vertical and seems to appear in the foreground. The texture in Girls Art is smooth and polished as it was her style of painting which could be traced predominantly in all her other artwork. The mood is generally calm, relaxed and content. It's highly sexual stimulating and though-provoking and also romantic in nature. Girls art is overtly sexual, and one of the subjects looks vulnerable, with a slight touch of shyness on her face. The picture is tempting to look at.

The subjects in Girls art are front, close up and resting. This indicates the complete trust and contentment of the subjects on each other. Other prominent artists in her circle included the likes of Pablo Picasso, Jean Cocteau, and Colette. Her greatest paintings include but not limited to; Kizette in Pink (1926), Sainte Theresa Davila (1930), and Andromeda (1927). The people who inspired Tamara Lempicka are her teachers Maurice Denis and Adre Lhote. She was also greatly inspired by artist Ingress from his popular paint Turkish bath. She adopted soft cubism with a neoclassical style as a result f that influence. Years after her death, her work has become extremely sought after especially among celebrities. They include Jack Nichoklson, Barbara Streisand and Madoma who included her painting in music videos for Vogue, Open Your Heart and Express Yourself.