This particular piece reflects Lempicka's love of glamour with the women in the painting appearing stylish and elegant. The Green turban, also known as Le turban vert, demonstrates how Lempicka’s paintings can be open to many different interpretations. This particular creative piece is unusual as it displays two figures as opposed to one, whereas the majority of Lempicka’s paintings were of single portraits. Lempicka created The Green Turban when she was living in Paris, France. This particular painting reflects Lempicka’s new French inspired creativity and within the painting she boldly experiments with different artistic techniques.

Lempicka’s favoured technique, which she uses in this image, ‘synthetic cubism’, was inspired by one of her mentors, Andre Lhote. In Lempicka’s own words, she described her style as a ‘new style’ using ‘clear luminous colours’ to enable the viewer of the painting to ‘feel the elegance of the models’ which is reflected in this particular creative piece. A lot of Lempicka’s paintings such as The Green Turban were influenced by the modern day woman which reflected the jazz age period of the time in France when glamour and sophistication was all the rage. Lempicka’s paintings such as this were inspired by the likes of Michelangelo, Caravaggio and Ingres. Lempicka’s painting have inspired numerous key figures in showbiz around the world such as singer Florence Welch and fashion designers Louis Vuitton and Karl Lagerfeld.

Like many of Lempicka’s creations, The Green Turban exudes compelling femininity and is fashioned on Lempicak’s favoured art deco style using geometrical forms and acute, fractured shapes. The style in which ‘The Green Turban’ has been painted is similar to the work of Caravaggio as it has an emphasis on the contrast between light and shadow. This particular painting allowed Lempicka to display her individualist thoughts based around feminism. Lempicka, who was famously bisexual, displays true female sexuality within this creation. True to Lempicaks usual style, she has used a limited palette to create this painting but the green colours she has used stand out and match the era of the time.