Her skin is brown, and her eyes are blue, matching the background of the picture. The piece has many similarities with her more famous painting: Tamara in Green Bugatti. Lempicka is probably the best-known artist of the Art Deco era. This particular painting has many characteristics of the style of art, including the fine lines and sense of luxury. The colours used in the picture also point to the Art Deco style. Lempicka perfected her Art Deco style while studying under the famous cubist painter, Andre Lhote, and this professor has been identified as one of her main influences in the form of painting. Although Maurice Denis was her first art teacher, she has not acknowledged him as a significant influence in her painting style.

There were many Art Deco painters in the early 20th century, but Lempicka was able to differentiate her art style from those of her peers. She did this by focusing on portraits like ‘Madonna,’ while most of the other artists specialised in creating pictures of groups of people. The original piece was made using the oil painting method. Contrary to popular belief, this technique was not invented in Europe. It originated from Asia and was initially used in Buddhist cultures. European artists started using the method in the 15th century and quickly adopted it as the preferred technique.

Artists liked oil paintings since the colours appeared more brilliant, and the slow drying of the paint offered them an opportunity to perfect the pictures. By the time Lempicka got into art, oil painting had been improved significantly. The Madonna painting, like many others by Lempicka, is likely to be in a private collection today. Several people around the world have tried to collect her pieces of art, and it is now unclear who owns the Madonna painting. Masterpieces like these elevated Lempicka to a major celebrity, particularly in the USA and Europe. The most famous admirer of her work is Madonna, the popular American singer. She has collected and rented out multiple works by Lempicka and has also featured the paintings in her music videos.