Tamara was big on portraits using the Art Deco style. The precision and attention to detail was her biggest score throughout her career. The Marquis Sommi portrait was done in her prime years as a painter. Marquis Guido di Sommi was an Italian lad whose sense of fashion was impeccable. From the hairstyle, business suits, jewellery to classical looks, Marquis was the ideal man. He had relations with Tamara, which is arguably the source of inspiration for the portrait. The painting was done in 1925 using oil on canvas. The original portrait measured 100 centimetres high by 73 centimetres wide.

The picture showed a man in his prime years (early to mid-30) on a blue chair with a striking pose. The sitting position emphasized the attention to details of his coat and other clothing accessories. He is dressed in a suit, white shirt and a pullover. The hair is well trimmed, face beamed and had an aristocratic ring. From history, Marquis Sommi came from a well-off lineage. The original painting has exchanged ownership from the time of production. In 1968, it was brought by a private collector, who later sold it to Barry Friedman Limited in 1979. The company sold it to a private art collector in 1980. Other portraits done around the same time include Madame Zanetos (1924), Duchess of La Salle (1925), Marquis d’Afflito (1925) and Prince Eristoff (1925).

Other paintings included Double 47 (1924), Irene and Her Sister (1925), Nude on a Terrace (1925), Reclining Nude I (1925) and The Model (1925). Although her works were done at the bridge of cubism into the neoclassic era, her drawings had a unique connotation with special emphasis to geometry and blending colour scheme. It heavily borrowed architectural precision. Her journey through art saw her attend the prestigious Grand Chaumiere Academy in Paris. She was inspired by Jean-Dominique Ingres and Maurice Denis. Through perfection and originality, her works have attracted admiration from Madonna, John Nicholson, Barbra Streisand and Robert Dassanowsky. She is considered the mother of Art Deco which gave life to painters such as Jean Dupas, Rockwell Kent, Josep Maria Sert, Diego Rivera and Reginald Marsh.