Having born in Warsaw, Łempicka later resided at Saint Petersburg where she got married to a noticeable Polish lawyer, then went to Paris. She learnt the artwork together with Maurice Denis besides Lhote. Her smartness was an amalgam of late, polished cubism in addition to the neoclassical panache, above all, she was much inspired by the artwork of Jean-Dominique Ingres. She was an energetic partaker in the arty and social lifetime of Paris concerning the Wars. It was not until 1928 that she turn out to be the courtesan of Baron Raoul Kuffner, a rich art hoarder from the ex- Austro-Hungarian Realm.

Ensuing the eruption of World War II in the year 1939, Łempicka moved to the United States where she began painting superstar depictions, as well as some immaterial paintings. Her artwork were moved out of fashion following World War II, but she did not lose hope. In 1960s, she riposte with the reawakening of Graphic arts Deco. She later moved to Mexico in the year 1974 to continue with her artwork. Tamara Łempicka was one of the best-known water-colourists of the Art Deco elegance, other members were; Jean Dupas, Josep Maria Sert, Rockwell Kent, and others. Unlike these artistes, who habitually tint large paintings with throngs of subjects, Tamara Łempicka focused completely on depictions. Among her many amazing artwork, Musician have been praised by many mostly because, all the features have been shown perfectly.

She participated in Académie de la Grande Chaumière movement to make artwork journey known to other people. It was devoted to both portrait and sculpture. The technique used by Tamara was wet canvas technique. This technique depend on an artefact called Liquid White and it is used as an underpainting that consents your oil tints to merger methodically and yields a pretty abundance to the canvas's colour. There are additional products and practices that sanction you to yield this wet groundwork but it merely depends on your chic of painting, the expression and the constituents you employ. The tenacity of the medium-covered painting is that, the canvas cultivates quickly being it is a wet canvas, helps accomplish an expression evocative of watercolour portraits while operating with oils.