The whole art is painted on a high-quality canvas, thus making it durable and long-lasting. The paint used in the painting is mixed with oil to make it stick for long and last forever. Most of the artwork made by Tamara De Lempicka has a landscape orientation making the whole art look big and attractive. The mix of colors is made professionally, making the artwork look smart and highly visible. The Portrait of Prince Eristoff is painted with about four colors.

The first color is brown, which is used to paint the face and the hands of Prince Eristoff. The brown indicates that Prince Eristoff is a white man who is well respected. The other color used in this portrait is white, which is used to decorate the artwork look beautiful. Last, the picture has dark blue and a little red color on the chest. With this many colors, very few people can manage to mix them professionally and achieve amazing results. On this particular artwork, the painting has a melancholy of prince Eristoff reflecting on the backdrop of the cityscape. The stick in the hand of Prince Eristoff shows the authority that he has in his position.

In the background, you see mansions and high-quality houses. That is an indication that prince Eristoff is a social person who is associated with a high social class. Tamara De Lempicka started her pointing work through the inspiration of her sister. She began by painting the portraits of her neighbor and daughter. From there, she continued painting, and in 1925, they painted a Portrait of Prince Eristoff. As we speak today, she has several portraits online that you can buy and use as wallpaper.