Her head rests on her right arm with her full red lips and chin touching the arm. Her brown hair, slender body and red lips show strong femininity, and the smooth nude body brings in a sensual atmosphere. As it is in all her works, Tamara positions the lady in a pose that shows beauty, modernity and independence. Currently, the painting is privately owned since the year 1977. It was first acquired from the artist by Evelyne Artus in 1930 and later sold to Christie's. New York. The current owner acquired it from Worth Avenue Fine Arts. Inc. (Stephen E. Myers). Palm Beach.

The style used is art deco. This decorative art style originated in the 1920s but gained a lot of popularity in Europe and the United States in the 1930s. This style represented modernism turned into fashion with the intention to create an untraditional elegance that shows wealth and sophistication. For Tamara, the theme was mainly defiance against the conventional society’s expectations about women. The style's distinguishing features of Art Deco were simple and clean shapes with a streamlined appearance. The art style was influenced by other popular methods like Art Nouveau, Cubism and Bauhaus, with most artists combining these styles in their works.

Tamara's inspiration for art started at a tender age when she visited Italy in the company of her grandmother. The tour exposed her to Italy's art world, and her grandmother inspired her love for great Italian Renaissance painters. She also got her formal artistic training under the guidance of French painters Maurice Denis and Andre Lhote. Her success in art deco style and her affinity for the luxurious may have developed from her exposure to the luxurious lifestyle when living with her wealthy aunt in Russia after her parents divorced. The exposure also continued when she married an influential lawyer in Russia at the age of sixteen.