She was both a gifted artist and also a highly controversial personality who enjoyed taking the limelight in a way which was very unusual for women in society at that time. Lempicka was highly outspoken too, leaving some extraordinary quotes alongside her impressive set of paintings. This is an unofficial website aimed at bringing you information on the artist herself and also presenting her finest paintings as images below. Each Lempicka picture is accompanied by links to where you can buy your own copies of her original paintings as framed and unframed art prints, posters and stretched canvases for our recommended art retailer, Amazon.

This artist was a true celebrity in every sense of the world and she mixed with the likes of Pablo Picasso, Jean Cocteau and André Gide on frequent occasions, truly loving any social opportunity that came her way. It was not surprising that someone with such a flambuoyant personality would also hold exceptionally creative and innovative skills which were to drive her oil paintings. Art Deco is a style which has becoming much loved all across Europe and North America, with a particular interest over recent years. Art and architecture were the most frequent examples of this style with Lempicka being one of the most famous artists to have stuck closely to this charming look. One example of the legacy left by Tamara de Lempicka was in the stage play which was entirely inspired by her life and was entitled "Tamara", running first in Toronto, then in Los Angeles to large audiences.

She appeals to many female fans and feminists alike for her contributions to challenging the pompous nature of society throughout North America and Europe at that time, behaving in a way which was highly unusual at the time for any female. All those who challenge society's ignorances later become greatily respected and Lempicka is one such individual, though most respect is derived from her impressive oil paintings that provide a charm and highly individual style which is immediately recognisable as Lempicka. Tamara de Lempicka was highly respected as an artist during her own lifetime which many others could not manage. At the time of her rise to fame many key galleries and museums were looking to pick up her original paintings, clearly identifying her as someone who was to be important in the future. How right they were, and any Lempicka original painting can now enjoy exceptionally high prices on the rare occasions that they come up for sale.

This Polish woman charmed many fellow artists with her unique character and very open opinions which rarely proved subtle or tactful. Outspoken natures are always common amongst artists as are all sorts of other extreme behaviour. Strong personalities and creative spark often seems to go hand in hand and there can be no doubt that Lempicka used her own lively personality to promote both her paintings but also herself as a celebrity. It is likely that much of her personality would have come from her mother who herself was a socialite and used to extrovert behaviour as a matter of course. Her father was financially sound and this ensured there was enough money for Tamara in her upbringing to concentrate entirely on what interested her and seek to get the most out of her artistic potential.

She received her training at the prestigious Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris at a time when France was truly dominant within European art, hosting many of the best artists of that time in a variety of art movements. Her time in paris is likely to have opened her eyes to many new ideas and helped her progress her name within the art world.

Woman in Green Dress

Woman in Green Dress (Jeune Fille Vert) above is a beautiful, colourful portrait. Tamara de Lempicka was also a highly sexual individual with fitted perfectly with her colourful lifestyle, and her bisexuality was always likely to attract attention at this time. These elements can also be found within her art as well with portraits common place, and in some cases they were nude. Lempicka has a great interest in people as well as the human body itself and took great pleasure from completing whole series of portraits, normally within real life situations rather than stages scenes like so many other artists.

It still seems extraordinary that a women around early 20th century Poland could have taken on and broken down quite so many social boundaries whilst also building up such a strong reputation as an artist. Lempicka took on traditional values of her native Poland within several different spheres of her life, be it religion, sexuality or feminism. Indeed, for these reasons it cannot be surprising that her art was also of a style which was highly innovative and contemporary.

List of Tamara de Lempicka Paintings

Tamara de Lempicka had a long series of paintings across her career and we include a summarised list of the best below which goes beyond the 25 featured in this page.

  • Self-Portrait in the Green Bugatti
  • Group of Four Nudes
  • Young Lady with Gloves
  • Andromeda
  • The Convalescent
  • Nana de Herrera
  • Portrait of the Duchess of La Salle
  • Portrait of Mrs Allan Bott
  • La Belle Rafaela
  • Women Bathing
  • Autoportrait (Tamara in the Green Bugatti)
  • The Sleeping Girl
  • Adam and Eve
  • Kizette in Pink
  • Self-Portrait
  • The Pink Shirt I
  • The Breton Girl
  • Portrait of a Man or Mr Tadeusz de Lempicki
  • Two Little Girls with Ribbons
  • Idyll
  • Portrait of Marjorie Ferry
  • The Green Turban
  • Portrait of Mrs Bush
  • The Polish Girl
  • Seated Nude in Profile
  • The Two Girlfriends
  • The Straw Hat
  • Woman with Dove
  • Portrait of Mrs Boucard
  • The Pink Tunic
  • The Sleeping Girl Kizette
  • The Seashell
  • Portrait of Mrs M
  • Portrait of the Marquis d'Afflito
  • New York
  • The Model
  • Portrait of Ira P
  • High Summer
  • Surrealist Landscape
  • Amethyst
  • The Kiss
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Kizette on the Balcony
  • Woman with a Green Glove
  • Suzanne Bathing
  • The Dream
  • Printemps
  • Nude with Sailboats
  • The Brilliance
  • Perspective
  • Portrait of Miss Poum Rachou
  • Blue Woman with a Guitar
  • Nude Blue Background
  • Sharing Secret
  • Madonna
  • Irene and Her Sister
  • Arlette Boucard with Arums
  • The Blue Scarf
  • Nude with Buildings
  • The Girls
  • Wide Brimmed Hat
  • Portrait of Suzy Solidor
  • Saint Moritz
  • Portrait of Doctor Boucard
  • Maternity
  • Nude with Dove
  • Portrait of Arlette Boucard